About us

A Flamstop Ltd. has been working in the services of architectural fire protection, renovation and improving of buildings, isolation, surface preparation and painting for more than 10 years. We have a continuously expanding widespread references and try to be all for satisfying our customers' demand. Our main target is a full service on the field of building fire protection designing and construction, expansively covering building fire protection functions. From the designing up to ready-made construction and successful authorized handover of the building. Beside the architectural and mechanical fire protection installation the other main field is the prime, long term strength installation of steel coating technology and corrosion protection.

We also tackle designing and construction of light structured steel support frame halls.

There are six young and experienced technological and two administrative collegues work in our office.

Our team includes 50 technicians currently and can expand with 50 reliable subcontractors if required.

Our main instruments of construction:

Office, 2000 m2 5 tons carrying capacity craned hired hall, 2000 m2 hired hall with 3 tons carrying capacity forklift, 2 granule-spreader equipments, 1 granule spreader cabin, 1 cartridge dust-separator ( 7,5 KW, 10.000 m3/h, 2540 Pa performance), 13 Graco painting spreader machine with 18 airbrushes, as well as hand tools.


I. Flamstop Coating technology:

Corrosion protection and Coating technology, granule-spreading

II. Flamstop Fire Protection Ltd:

Widespread architectual and mechanical fire protection installation of buildings.

III. Flamstop Fire Protection Ltd:

Designing and construction of light structured steel frame halls.

Flamstop Coating Technology Ltd

  • Steel fire-breaking coating (E30- E240, 1.000 m2/day capacity)
  • Granule spreading- 500 m2/day capacity
  • Steel coating technology- 2.000 m2/day ground coat capacity
  • Steel coating technology- 3.000 m2/day coating painting capacity
  • Steel coating technology - 800 m2/day grit blasting capacity
  • Authority office routine

Flamstop Fire Protection Ltd

  • Fire detectors, alarms, low currents systems, cross-signal administration and installation
  • Designing and construction of light structured steel support frame halls
  • Installation of architectural and fire protection dry housing
  • Sprinkler, fire water system, fire hydrant cabinet
  • Fire extinguishing equipments (CO2 and other gas extingusing)
  • Heat and smoke vents, overhead lamps, gravity and mechanical smoke deflectors
  • Fire section barrier closures, sealings, collars, damper
  • Fireproof gates, Industrial gates
  • Authority office routine
  • Complete maintenance of fire protection systems
  • Fire protection plans preparation